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Zombie Army Trilogy / 24th of March 2015

In a world where the masses crave any game - or any other form of media - with even a hint of a zombie in it, the idea of adding in a good sprinkling of the 3rd Reich, a bit of Hitler action and some gore sounds like genius, and more than enticing enough for the usual 12 year old COD boys to end up pining for it till a parent cracks and gives them carte blanche with their credit card. If you’re not a melt, as they in the British gangster movies of late, what can you do if you want a slightly more adult Zombie/Nazi/Hitler/gore/shooter combo that offers some truly awesome and rewarding headshots in x-ray cam that leaves the brain of your target melted into a splurge of particles that clearly resembles a Nazi zombie cannibal brain felch. Right? So, if you fancy a bit of that, well you’re definitely in luck. Zombie Army Trilogy, is the latest release from Rebellion (the chaps that make the Sniper Elite games) that attempts to make slow-motion, x-ray cam headshots look sexy, much like when you’re trying to look interested in a managers meeting in Dundee circa 2008 whilst watching a dirty gif on your laptop. Anyway, I suppose I had better get on with the review.

Zombie Army Trilogy is a compilation of horror/Nazi spin offs from the Sniper Elite series and the name pretty much sums up the game itself quite succinctly. Set in 1945, the game tasks the player with having to stop a zombie Nazi army, the backstory, which isn’t too farfetched if you are a zombie loving fiend, is Hitler’s naughty last act as he sits, holed up in his Morphine infested, rune encrusted bunker. Ultimately, this final throw of the dice is to unleash a major schiesse storm by releasing a horde of zombie super soldiers to spill out and infect the fatherland along with Europe itself. Thankfully, it must be said, that the character you play as is not a duty bound brit or yank that has sworn to clear up these brain eating maniacs, you’re simply an uninfected German soldier who wants to sort this mess out.

I pretty much knew from the start what to expect, you clear out the masses of rancid zombies in three different episodes, thus the trilogy bit in the name. There’s some story to follow, but it’s essentially boils down to this; beat the hordes of zombies and pick up some crucial items in order to advance your fight against the zombies, and repeat. This Trilogy is comprised of re-masters of Nazi Zombie Army 1 & 2, with an all new third Chapter that just happens to be the best part of the game. There are fifteen missions in total and you can play alone or with up to four friends. There’s a horde mode of sorts, if you’re really up for it, which features five maps to get stuck into, again, alone or with up to an additional three players. There are eight playable characters, four of which are new female additions, and an arsenal of some twenty-five iconic weapons and explosives with which to blast the undead hordes back into Hell.

Even though it’s a bit repetitive at points, I still love the slow mo kills, and at points I even managed to find the game challenging, at many a time I was close to brown trouser moments. Generally though, I simply found myself running around in circles taking out zombies, though at points, and these were few and far between, I was just getting destroyed. The fact I semi enjoyed the Sniper Elite games surely added some value to the game, but I can’t really think of anything else that could have.

Overall, the re-mastered Nazi Zombie Army 1 & 2 are a fair improvement over their original iterations; with new enemies, improved graphics and new animations, the overall game just isn’t very polished though, but then neither was Sniper Elite. In this game, it’s all about the zombies, and although at points I felt a bit underwhelmed by the overall experience, I still never the less enjoyed my time playing Zombie Army Trilogy. Just.

Ultimately, it is what it is, and when you’re in the mood to let off some steam by aimlessly shooting off the heads of the undead, it’s certainly worth a play through. Zombie Army Trilogy is available on PS4, Xbox One and Steam now.

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