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Site Editor:
Ross Yeoman

Undoubtedly the ringleader and proprietor of, what some consider, the galaxies second most wretched hive scum and villainy. Ross was recently inspired by the exploits of Vera Webster, becoming obsessed with technology to such an extent that he’s now hard at work creating a secret base complete with a supercomputer with which he can merge and evolve into something more than human… presumably with oodles of on-board storage options for high-definition films.


Features Editor:

Gordon Vimpany

A passionate gamer and strong advocate for change in an industry gone stale, Gordon's constantly wishing studios would place less emphasis on visual fidelity and focus more on unique ways to deliver good storytelling. He's also has a low tolerance for flimsy or cheap feeling games, so much so that when they aren’t ruining his fun, he’s ruining ours complaining about them. He's also a Souls series fanatic, a lover of Metroidvania games, and a pretty snappy dresser, making him the unabashed teen appeal we need to become successful.


Reviews Editor:

James Paton

A gamer for the majority of his life, the now former Sega fanboy turned failed writer, (though in his defence he has released six e-books), loves coming up with screenplays that never get made into films. As well as being a writer for this very website, James is also a regular contributor to both Read Retro and respected music e-zine, Perfect Sound Forever. So, in other words, keep an eye on him, one day he’ll probably write something that will blow your tiny mind.


Staff Writer:
Marc Morrison
When we first came across Marc he was trying to use a Wii remote to shoot fascists... it was only after a strong sedative that he began to drift back to reality and remember his love for all things Nintendo. Yes, he was disappointed to discover he wasn’t Cybernautics Detective Jake Bullet, but he's gotten over it (mostly), and has since toured the world’s greatest coasters. Not rollercoasters mind you, just the best coasters upon which to rest his White Russians whilst gaming, whether that be on his PC or one of his many, many Nintendo devices.

Staff Writer:
Paddy Maxson
Future leader of the PC ‘master race’, Sir Paddy (as the world will soon know him) is a cultured and refined gentleman who may actually be ‘princelier’ than Prince. He can often be found standing upon street corners clutching his pocket-watch and tipping his hat to passers-by, or hunched over his ridiculously expensive, multi-screen supercomputer. The very machine that will one day become self-aware and orchestrate the total annihilation of mankind, ushering in the age of machines.



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