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Mad Max

As a huge fan of the Mad Max films series, including Thunderdome – well, until the Sky Captain chuff and the annoying Children - I was going to buy Mad Max regardless of it being any good, so I was only too pleased to find it on CDKEYS for £11 very shortly after launch. Almost as soon as I started playing it I was texting James to say that I thought it was superb, yeah it’s got slight issues but not too many, and I put a whopping 177 hours into it. You play as Max and have but one goal; get your car back. Whilst doing this you explore a huge map, travel the Badlands liberating enemy bases, upgrading your car and collecting items as well as killing filthy gangs who all have phallic names, like Scrottie Biscuits, Sausage Boys and Smegma Tits. Alternatively, you could just wait till night for the buzzards to come up from under the desert, imagine if Sony made ninjas and dressed them in red glowing goggles and your pretty much there. The only niggles I had were that the enemy camps were a bit samey and you can’t really climb or jump very high which made finding the alternative (stealth) entrances into camps a bit difficult at times. Apart from that I really enjoyed it, except for an annoying race which you’ll find in the main story which will make you want to bite the thumb sticks off your controller, so I’ll pray for you that it’s not an elite one. If you’ve got nine points on your license or have had your Audi A3 repossessed don’t worry, you can still sneak into campsites, get chased by groups of violent young men and then use your car’s built in flamethrowers to set them on fire. Bliss.
Dying Light

Like zombies, hate Turkey and are either too lazy or sensible to take up parkour? Or maybe you just loved Dead Island, Dead Rising 3 and hate The Walking Dead so much that you wish you could smear yourself in zombie guts, build Electrified/Burning Cricket Bats and dress up as an FBI Agent before spending the day raking through hundreds of bins without ever finding any dirty pants? Right, now you’re feeling hot and bothered it’s only fair that I tell you to buy Dying Light and its season pass. Why? Well, Dying Light had me fear night time approaching as I would typically underestimate even a tame looking group of zombies and ultimately be lead to a gruesome death by their coarse, decaying hands. Built by Techland who clearly love survival horror and zombies (they’re also responsible the first Dead Island), it’s a truly superb game and its one you must play at least once in your life. Personally, I thought it looked really nice too, especially the lighting, and the city is huge and looks highly detailed. You can climb almost everything and there are lots of crafting items, with many different weapons and mods to discover and tamper with, so when you add in a soundtrack that could have been in Escape from New York or any cult zombie classic, it only adds to the overall appeal of the game. The Following DLC out on the 8th of February will be huge, but not only is it going to be an enormous new area to explore, there will also be the addition of vehicles. If you purchased a season pass before the 8th of December, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s also free, if not, the season pass has gone up by £10. Now, you may think this sounds snide, but Techland have clearly put a lot of time into it and as they could have released it as a standalone title at full price, I think what they’re doing is pretty decent, particularly when other publishers launch a “finished” title with 60% of the game on a disc and sell you the other 40% in instalments, all whilst laughing as they poop into your Nutella jar. Anyway, buy Dying Light and take a few days off work, if you get caught don’t blame me though, I’ve told your boss about the pants already.

What can I say, I love a bit of GTA. When I really just want to jump into a game and commit some immediate carnage or zone out and forget about whatever it is that’s pissing me off or stressing me out, there’s really nothing better. There’s sometimes nothing more satisfying than being a dick in a virtual world full of other dicks, and doing lots of bad things that get you in trouble. Yeah it has lots of short comings that continue to blight it, but it’s also these things that make it GTA, besides, it requires little thought or effort to play, so it’s an easy choice when I look through my library and don’t want to play anything. Improvements for me from playing it on the Xbox 360 before the next gen versions hit was firstly graphics, with improved lighting and textures - among a whole load of other improvements – not to mention that it’s simply a more solid and less buggy iteration. But really, just being able to play on my PC is another bonus as I like to play with settings and do a mod or too once I’m done with the story mode, and the other major bonus is using an Xbox One controller over the Xbox 360 variant – trust me, it makes a big improvement. If I’m feeling social, I may even get stuck into multiplayer and pray that the game isn’t ruined by hackers, but that doesn’t happen very often.

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