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Pinball FX 2 - The Walking Dead Table

Pinball FX 2: The Walking Dead Table / 9th of September 2014

Following on from my review of the recently released Pinball FX 2 on the Xbox One, I have returned to the game to try out the latest addition to its ever growing library of tables, this one being Zen Studios’ cross over with the highly celebrated Telltale Games, and their series of releases based on Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead. Now, for a lot of gamers out there, the subject matter alone would be reason enough to purchase this, but is the table itself actually of any quality?

The content here is based entirely around the first season of the game, and it features 3D models of both Lee and Clementine at the forefront of the table, who occasionally interact with one another, such as to pass a football back and forth. One of the key features that this table offers fans, is the use of the original voice talent, so often with these games, despite holding the necessary licence, gamers are asked with making do with substandard voice acting, which is particularly grating on the Star Wars themed pinball tables. There is a whole smattering of dialogue provided for the table by the award winning cast of voice actors, the majority of which coming straight from the original game, but there has also been some brand new, story based dialogue recorded just for this. And given the importance of the acting in Telltale Games’ efforts, there can be no discounting the value of its inclusion here.

The table returns gamers to the standout locales of the original game, such as Clementine’s treehouse, the streets of Savannah or the Everett pharmacy in Lee’s hometown of Macon, personally, it had been such a long time since I last visited these places that the opportunity to return to them in Pinball FX 2 was simply too much to ignore. For the die-hard Walking Dead fans out there, this alone makes the table more than worth the price of entry, but of course, there’s much more to it than this. Zen Studios have even striven to ensure that their table follows the choice driven gameplay of Telltale’s creation, seeing players once again forced to choose who lives and dies in zombie attacks, but on top of this, they must also forage for supplies and maintain the group morale. The mini games themselves are also based around the episodic structure of the point and click series, giving Zen Studios’ effort such an incredible level of authenticity, that it surely must have been a labour of love for the development team.

Now, I am certainly no pinball expert, but personally, I found the table to be fairly difficult, yet not entirely unforgiving, there’s enough of a challenge to be found here for the more regular players, yet it’s by no means off putting to those who, like me, merely dabble in their pinball games. I don’t know if I could recommend The Walking Dead over the recently released Guardians of the Galaxy table, which just seemed to be a tad more creative than this, yet given the low price point of both of these tables, I can see no reason why any gamer wouldn’t simply pick up both, so please do so.

Supporting the usual array of single player and multi-player game modes, an incredibly accurate reproduction of the original source material, and packed full of superb voice acting from both Dave Fennoy and Melissa Hutchison (among others), along with a supremely low price point of just $2, The Walking Dead pinball table for Zen Studios’ Pinball FX 2 is not simply a worthy purchase, it’s a must have.

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