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Pinball FX 2: How to Import Your Existing Library of Tables 
/ 17th of August 2014

With Zen Studios’ Pinball FX 2 arriving on the Xbox One, and offering gamers the opportunity to import their DLC from the Xbox 360 version, we figured there might be a few people out there unsure as to how this works, or there might even be some who are having issues with the import process. If so, then worry not, for High Rez Gaming has got you covered!

Now to begin with, and the most obvious part of it all, remember to sign in with the Gamertag that you previously purchased content with, and then highlight the table or pack that you wish to import on Pinball FX 2’s revamped menu system. Press the A button to select Purchase/Import, if it is content that you already own, you will need to confirm a £0.00 purchase. At this point, I selected the table again and was asked if I would like to install the selected content, obviously, I accepted. Within seconds, I had my tables ready to play, but in some instances, this will not be the case, and if the tables do not appear within ten minutes, you will then need to complete the following steps.

Go into the console’s My Games and Apps section and highlight Pinball FX 2, press the Menu button on the controller and then select Manage Game. Scroll to the farthest right menu and you will see a list of items under Ready to Install, use the Select All function and the entirety of your content should now show up in game. Hurrah!

The team at Zen are still working on bringing several more tables across to this iteration of the game, including their Walking Dead table which releases on August 28 th, but more classic Pinball FX tables are en route, with Street Fighter 2, Earth Defence, Plants Vs. Zombies and more currently in the works, so this import process is likely to be one that you will surely be returning to again in the future, so let’s hope that it’s all running smoothly for you.

Anyway, that’s it for our helpful little guide, time to get back to some gaming!

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