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Have Nintendo Lost Touch / 9th of September 2014

There have been several announcements made this week, from the confirmation that Geometry Wars will be heading to the PlayStation for the first time with the upcoming Dimensions, and Bungie’s claim that it the majority of gamers will never actually be able to fully finish Destiny as there is simply so much content in it, and as if we all weren’t excited enough about it already! Anyway, here’s the rest of the main new stories that surfaced over the past few days…

Nintendo announced that a new hardware revision of the existing 3DS was en route, and is set to launch outside of Japan next year, now whilst hardly seems newsworthy given the company’s near endless stream of revisions to both the DS and the 3DS already, this one is actually a little different, and perhaps, a tad foolish. You see this particular update sees the unfortunately named “New 3DS” come with a second set of shoulder mounted buttons, an analogue “nub” placed over the four face buttons, a faster CPU and built in NFC support for the company’s forthcoming Amiibo toys (Nintendo’s answer to Disney’s Infinity and Activision’s Skylanders). This new handheld has been targeted at the core Nintendo audience as opposed to the more casual crowd that the company attracts, however, this new line of hardware (there’s an XL version too) will not only be fully compatible with the existing library of 2DS and 3DS software, but it will have a range of titles exclusive to the new device, stating with the recently announced Xenoblade Chronicles, a port of the ever popular Wii RPG. Given that most Wii owners failed to recognise the fact that the Wii U was a new console, this move by Nintendo is certain to create confusion among fans when it launches in Japan this year, followed by Europe and the USA in 2015.

Keeping on the topic of the New 3DS, the system’s web browser comes with a filter as standard to prevent users accessing adult content, rather cheekily though, Nintendo are charging users $0.30 to remove it, after first connecting a credit card to the account. Now whilst this is supposedly to ensure that users can only access content deemed appropriate for them as opposed to a money making scheme, if enough users were to do this, it would raise a fairly significant amount of money for the company. Apparently, Nintendo have shipped a whopping 44 million 3DS consoles across the globe thus far, if half of them were to cough up the change needed to remove a filter, Nintendo would rake in around $6.6 million, though credit card companies would start to take a cut of those profits above $1.5 million or so. I don’t think Nintendo can really justify this additional charge, surely linking a credit card alone is proof of age? And why isn’t the filter optional, something that can be activated in the system settings? More importantly though, will it potentially set a precedent, allowing the other console manufacturers to charge us to access mature games or video content? I realise that I am going to the furthest extreme here, but what do you guys think? Feel free to let us know via Facebook, Twitter or Reddit.

Undead Labs has confirmed that its Xbox Live Arcade hit, State of Decay, is making its way to the Xbox One with the Year One Survival Edition, which promises to be the definitive version of the original game. The team are planning to implement numerous graphical upgrades, including enhanced animation, superior textures and will bundle all of the DLC released for the Xbox 360 game with it, they have said that the game will also run in native 1080p. State of Decay Year One Survival Edition is expected to ship in spring 2015.

Lastly, Volition and its parent company, Deep Silver, have announced a new standalone expansion for Saints Row, dubbed Gat Out of Hell, it promises to feature co-op play as gamers fight their way out of some hellish landscape in January 2015. The expansion is set to launch at just $19.99 (£12). Additionally, the team announced that an updated version of Saints Row 4 would be making its way onto both PS4 and Xbox One, these will arrive on January 27th with the expansion becoming available on the same day. These versions will only set gamers back $29.99 (£18) or $49.99 (£30) with the Gat Out of Hell content. At that price, I doubt that many gamers won’t be swayed into another visit to Stillwater, though there have been no mentions of enhancements thus far, one can probably expect it to run in 1080p on both platforms, with superior effects and textures.

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