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Cliff Bleszinski Announces New Game / 10th of July 2014

The former Epic game designer, took to Twitter back in February to defend the inclusion of micro-transactions in video games, and only now, can we look back and see that it was an indication of that the first game from his new studio, Boss Key Productions, would be a free-to-play arena shooter.

It wasn’t the first hint either, late last year, the industry veteran lamented on the state of the arena shooter, stating his desire to return to his roots, so Tuesday’s announcement didn’t come as too much of a surprise to anyone. His new game, BlueStreak, is set to launch on PC only, and will be published by South Korean publisher and developer, Nexon, a company that specialises in the free-to-play market.

Sadly, Boss Key’s website has no details on BlueStreak, no screenshots and no artwork, but one could easily imagine that fans of Epic’s Unreal Tournament will surely have something to look forward to when the game eventually launches. On Twitter, Bleszinski has already stated that there will be no CG trailers indicative of gameplay “because that’s not how Boss Key does it,” he said.

Details will eventually be forthcoming about the project, so why don’t you follow Cliff Bleszinski on Twitter and stay abreast of the news as and when he announces it?

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