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A Visit to the Game Masters / 28th of January 2015

Scotland’s always had a strong relationship with the videogames industry (relatively speaking), after all it was the birthplace of award winning franchises such as Grand Theft Auto and Crackdown, and was more recently responsible for developing Minecraft’s various console iterations. But not only that, Dundee’s Abertay University pioneered the world’s first dedicated videogame degrees. Suffice it to say Scotland has a better relationship than most when it comes to the ever evolving videogame industry, and so it’s no surprise that the National Museum of Scotland recently launched an exhibition entitled ‘Game Masters’, showcasing a wide array of videogames ranging from the late 1970’s all the way up to today’s latest creations.

Situated in the centre of town, the Game Masters exhibit consists of over one hundred playable games that chart the history of videogames and serves to excellently demonstrate just how versatile and varied the medium has been during its forty-odd year history. Aside from the games themselves the exhibit also displays a wondrous collection of artwork, storyboards and memorabilia collated from over thirty leading videogame designers.

All of which serves to make the Game Masters exhibit, like videogames, a truly universal experience. More seasoned gamers have the opportunity to indulge in a little nostalgia thanks to the vast array of playable arcade cabinets, and will surely relish the chance to examine the ‘behind the scenes’ work of some of the most prestigious names in videogame development, such as Tetsua Mizuguchi, Eric Chahi, and Fumito Ueda to name but a few. Whilst younger, more excitable attendants of course have the freedom to roam the exhibit and get their hands on just about every home console developed over the past twenty years, or make use of one of several sound booths and try their hand at the latest versions of Rock Band or Dance Central, without fear of smashing lamps or upsetting the downstairs neighbours.

Running from the 5th of December until the 20th of April the Game Masters exhibit is something every videogame fan can enjoy, and we encourage you wholeheartedly to take the time to pay a visit for yourself.

From the recent various, yet charming, Lego games to the fondly remembered arcade classic Outrun (1986)

Sega’s golden age including Sonic 2 and Nights into Dreams (1992 & 1996)

The Nintendo DS (Lite), aka the most successful handheld console in history.

Some lovely Shadow of the Colossus artwork (2005)

Some interesting bios help to give a brief overview of each designers work.

Blizzard’s very own cool wall.  

No Lemmings were hurt during the making of this exhibit.

A nice touch, interactive concept art displays.

“No stairway, denied!?”

Early scripts, including the working title, for the critically acclaimed Deus Ex (2000)    

A collage of some very pretty artwork.

Classic Mickey Mouse adventure books (1944 & 1934)

This slick little section has a host of games to keep you occupied for hours.

And if that wasn’t enough for you, there’s all of these as well.

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