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A Visit to Nintendo World USA / 7th of November 2014

Having just come back from travelling to New York, Boston and more, I attempted to sit down and inspect some of the places I had attended. Rudy’s Music shop, Barcade (see here), various record shops and comic book stores. One of these was high on the list, Nintendo World in Midtown Manhattan, 10 Rockefeller Plaza, New York.

From as long as I can remember i have always wanted to visit a physical Nintendo store, more specifically, Nintendo World US. From their beautiful reissued Japanese Hanafuda playing cards and plethora of Pokémon content, to an original and still (kind of) intact and visibly working Gulf War Gameboy. Yet not all of the content there can be considered retro, they quite literally cover everything up to, and including the recently released Hyrule Warriors, within this quaint multi levelled store.

I really wish they had more of a museum though because, between myself and a few select others there is a much larger and rarer collection with vastly superior choices. I mean after all, Nintendo is only 125 years old….

Contained on the upper floor, past the huge wall mounted Nintendo World logo-beautifully illuminated in deep blue incandescent light-the store housed a dozen Wii U’s all sporting games such as Mario Kart 8, along with more recent releases including Hyrule Warriors and Bayonetta 2.  There was a cave-like feel to the Hyrule Warriors stands, which added a nice protective cocoon to the environment and with a few other people playing was enjoyable.

The staff were extremely helpful and clearly interested in discussing more than just games from the last four or five years. I talked for over an hour to a few of the employees about everything from emulators to a new homebrew chip tune box using the SNES sound module, or APU (Audio Processing Unit, Sony SPC700 core), which has been modified and adapted to connect to an Arduino Interface for some impressive chip tuning.

Passion is high and moods are chilled, plush toys, onesies, t-shirts and memorabilia are scattered across every drop of the store, alongside a nice Pokeball shaped DS seating area downstairs and multiple games consoles running demos of new titles on the top floor.

I went into Nintendo World with little hope and pessimistic, but after finishing checking out all the Archive items and chatting to the staff, I came out feeling like I did when first playing Goldeneye on the N64, or trading Pokémon cards at school. This is a must for Nintendo fan boys everywhere!

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